Aware and awake - Day yoga retreat, 24 August 2024

Ready for a reset day retreat?
Join us for a transformative full-day retreat with nature, breathwork, yoga, and insightful lectures in beautiful Österlen!
Experience morning yoga, a Tantric science lecture by Jun Lee, and guided breathwork with Sandra.
We will embark on a journey of carefully curated practices for embodiment, energization, and release throughout this day, with the intention that you will leave feeling alive and renewed. A yoga class in the morning, followed by the fundamentals of the Tantric sciences of Alchemy and Self Cultivation lecture will be led by Jun Lee. These practices will be focused on our ability to harness what already belongs to us - our energy, awareness, and the power of lucidity. This includes our connection to and the best use of our Body, Speech, Mind, and Attention. We are working to Embody the basic aspects of who and what we are. It belongs to you - so, get your stuff back! This is the path of self cultivation and self mastery. We will make use of the mind, body, breath, energy and quality of spirit by leveraging the abundant resources of the deeper layers of consciousness - and establishing congruence and coherence, the true ground of personal power and aliveness.
A full immersion in nature, a delicious and healthy meal together, guided breath work and class on breathing mechanics led by Sandra will be a wonderful way to connect, learn, grow, and assimilate. May this be a marker and intentional point of renewal for the remaining quarter of this year of the Dragon!
Teachers: Sandra Abdul karim & Jun Lee
Location: Mudita Yoga Österlen, Kurrabacken 18 Simrishamn
When: Saturday 24 August
Time: 09.00 - 18.00
Price: 1 495 kr

Our day together

About the Facilitators

Sandra Abdul karim is the owner of Office Yoga Malmö and a yogateacher as well as a breathcoach. She has met and been taught from breathwork masters like Wim Hof, James Nestor (most known for the book "Breath") and Patrick Mckeown (most known for the book "Oxygenadvantage"). She is is certified Wim Hof method Level 2 instructor and Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing instructor.
Sandra Abdul karim
Jun Lee
Jun Lee has been teaching 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings since 2013 in Costa Rica and Italy. She has been a registered nurse for over 10 years, a certified Wim Hof Method instructor since 2017, and practices Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy where she lives in Santa Fe in US. She is dedicated to bringing the true essence of the esoteric lineages of Tantric Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, and the working principles and pith instructions of Yoga alchemy to our modern times.

Questions and registration

Feel warmly welcomed to ask any questions about this magical experience!