The word Ayurveda means the science of life in Sanskrit. It is the ancient Indian medicine that aims to give everyone a long and healthy life. This wisdom was passed through many generations in India and now is available in the Occident.

What is Ayurveda massage?

Ayurvedic massage goes beyond mere relaxation. It involves warm oil application, which provides nourishment to the skin, stimulates deep tissues, channels, and energy points. Additionally, it mobilizes accumulated toxins for elimination.
External bastis are warm medicated oil pools placed on key points for stimulating joint nourishment, anti-inflammatory effect, pain relief or emotional healing.
Different herbs, that can be fresh, dried or concentrated on oil, can be used for each type of massage and treatment. Different textures, like sea salt, powder and silk, stimulate the senses and the body.

About Clarissa

I am an Ayurvedic therapist, with certification from Dhanvantari Clinic and Povo em Pé in Brazil, and UVAS Ayurveda in India.
I am also a certified aromatherapist by Instituto Samia Maluf, with focus on emotional aromatherapy.
I have been a physician in Brazil for more than a decade and came to Sweden to start a new life. A life based on freedom, lightness and nature as an alternative therapist. These beliefs influence my practice of health and wellness counseling and natural treatments. Here in Sweden now I feel like home, and I found a wellbeing oasis at Highersense Lund. Join us into our journey to a happy and healthy life.
Clarissa Brito

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