Highersense Hot Yoga Lund, located at Råbygatan 1c, offers a variety of treatments to help you feel better and improve your well-being. Whether you need help with physical pain, stress, or just want to feel healthier, we have something for you. Our team includes experts in massage therapy, counseling, life coaching, stress management, and holistic healing like Reiki. No matter what you're going through, we're here to offer gentle care and effective solutions to help you feel more balanced and energized in your life. Our treatments are:

Optimum treatment

Vid första besöket gör vi en grundlig analys av kroppens rörelseförmåga samt går igenom din bakgrund. Härefter görs behandling. Du får också ett individuellt skapat träningsprogram utifrån vad som uppkommit i analys och behandling


Holografisk Kinesiologi HKT, behandlar inte vid symptomen, utan undersöker vad det är som hindrar kroppens egna processer att lösa olika problem. Behandlingen stärker kroppen så att den kan rensa ut gifter, balansera hormoner och justera nervsystemets viktiga signaltrafik i kroppen.


Clarissa offers traditional Ayurvedic oil massage with warm sesame oil, which relaxes body and mind, nourishing tissues, activating energy, and aiding toxin elimination, followed by warm herbal tea to enhance digestion.


Clarissa provides Aromafeeling, which is an emotional aromatherapy consultation. She prepares an essential oil blend on-site.

Stress coaching

Beena offers the unique service of stress coaching, shaped individually for your sense of wellbeing, renewal and clarity.


Sara and Ulrika offer massages tailored to your body’s needs, whether you seek profound relaxation or something in between.

Personal transformation

Beena offers the unique service of personal transformation, shaped individually for your sense of wellbeing, renewal and clarity.


Highersense Hot Yoga Lund