Become a member

We are thrilled to have you join us on your wellness journey. Here are the quick and easy steps to book your spot:

1. Sign Up: Go to and create your account.

2. Pick Your Card: Check on “Pricing” and choose the card that fits what you need.

2. Pick Your Card: 3. Book Your Classes: Once you have got your card, you can go to “Schedule“. There, you can choose the classes you want to attend. (If you purchased a course, you are automatically booked for all its sessions.)

Practical information

Membership: All cards are valid at all our studios in Lomma, Lund, and Bjärred.
Period: You can only book classes if you have a valid/active card. The card is electronic, and you choose the activation date at the time of purchase. The validity period of the card depends on which card you choose.
In case of illness, injury, or pregnancy: 6-month and 12-month cards can be frozen a maximum of 2 times, at least 2 weeks each time, at an administrative cost of 200 SEK. Clip cards can be extended for a maximum of 3 months at a cost of 40 SEK per clip.
Customized Yoga: Contact us to set up yoga sessions at workplaces, with groups, or in private lessons.

Try yoga with us

Great for finding your favorite class.

Free trial

If you are new to us, try any class once for free.

SEK 225

Access to only for the class you want to take.

Intro 30 days
SEK 695

Unlimited access to all classes for 30 days to see what classes suit you.


Perfect for those who want access to an unlimited number of classes for a longer period and pay monthly.

Autopay / month unlimited
SEK 895 (min 12 months)

Can be paused twice a year for an administrative fee of 200 SEK each time.

Customized yoga

We offer yoga in the workplace, yoga for closed groups, and private classes. Please contact us and tell us know what you need!
Private class

Based on your own needs
60 minutes SEK 695

Group class

For friend groups, sports teams, or management groups.

Corporate yoga

Improve the wellness of your workplace with on-site yoga classes for your colleagues.