In our retreats, we arrive in a state of allowance, accepting ourselves as we are and giving ourselves time to peel off layer by layer. Here are the upcoming retreats:

Spain Retreat 2024

An amazing retreat by the gorgeous Costa del Sol of Spain! With a beautiful villa with a view, a swimmingpool, a 20 min walk to the gorgeous town of Frigiliana, and about the same amount of easy hike along the river to get to the beautiful beach.

Aware and awake - Day yoga retreat

A full day retreat – nature, breathwork, yoga, and lecture full of micro-dosed insights for optimal aliveness and inner transformation.

Join Sandra Abdul Karim and Jun Lee for a day yoga at Mudita Yoga Österlen on Saturday, August 24!

Yogaretreat i Goa – Indien 2024

Fullt! Yogaretreat i Goa, Indien Tusen tack för ett helt underbart retreat, det kommer jag leva på så länge. Underbar yoga, miljö och sällskap. Vilket minne.

About retreats

In our days, we do yoga, meditation, manage our thoughts and emotions, and make sure to take time for ourselves to rest and think.
We use practical exercises to release tension and old beliefs from our bodies, helping us connect with our inner joy and trust in ourselves. Meditation helps us let go of mental and emotional barriers, giving us clarity and freedom.
Being with others who understand us helps us feel accepted. We let go of worries and control, feeling cared for and supported.

About the leader

Linda Sjöholm is a therapist and yoga teacher who specializes in helping people manage their thoughts and emotions. She's also trained in organizational psychology and has experience as an HR manager, leadership consultant, and business coach.