In our retreats, we arrive in a state of allowance, accepting ourselves as we are and giving ourselves time to peel off layer by layer. Here are the upcoming retreats:

Dagretreat för högkänsliga

8 mars 2024 En så värdefull dag!
Jag fick så många insikter och
blev rörd över att vara i en grupp.

Lätthet i livet
Yoga & Vandring

4-6 april 2024 Vad skulle du välja, om du valde för dig? Känner du dig ibland låst i omgivningens.

Yogaretreat i goa
Indien 2024

Yogaretreat i Goa, Indien Tusen tack för ett helt underbart retreat, det kommer jag leva på så länge. Underbar yoga, miljö och sällskap. Vilket minne.


Membership: All cards are valid at all our studios in Lomma, Lund, and Bjärred.
Period: You can only book classes if you have a valid/active card. The card is electronic, and you choose the activation date at the time of purchase. The validity period of the card depends on which card you choose.
In case of illness, injury, or pregnancy: 6-month and 12-month cards can be frozen a maximum of 2 times, at least 2 weeks each time, at an administrative cost of 200 SEK. Clip cards can be extended for a maximum of 3 months at a cost of 40 SEK per clip.
Customized Yoga: Contact us to set up yoga sessions at workplaces, with groups, or in private lessons.

About retreats

In our days, we do yoga, meditation, manage our thoughts and emotions, and make sure to take time for ourselves to rest and think.
We use practical exercises to release tension and old beliefs from our bodies, helping us connect with our inner joy and trust in ourselves. Meditation helps us let go of mental and emotional barriers, giving us clarity and freedom.
Being with others who understand us helps us feel accepted. We let go of worries and control, feeling cared for and supported.

About the leader

Linda Sjöholm is a therapist and yoga teacher who specializes in helping people manage their thoughts and emotions. She's also trained in organizational psychology and has experience as an HR manager, leadership consultant, and business coach.