Optimum method

If you have aches, pains or other problems with your feet, knees, back, neck or shoulders, I can help with treatment and specific exercises that correct the imbalance. I am trained in the optimum method, which is a fantastic method that includes analysis, treatment and adapted body exercises.

What is optimum method?

Optimum- Metoden is The world's simplest logic, we have a natural way of moving and keeping the body upright that loads the body's joints and muscles as it is supposed to. With this movement pattern, no injuries or pain occur. The Optimum method is a method based on finding the root cause of the problem and finding back to our natural posture that toddlers and nature people have. With a special type of treatment and postural training, we restore the body's natural balance and ability to distribute load correctly. We address the root cause of the problem instead of just relieving the symptoms.

Our way of helping

At your first visit, I want to hear about your problem history and we talk through what you want help with.
Next, I do a posture photograph, gait analysis and a number of other functional tests to find your muscular imbalances.
Often I start with some precise treatments measures to be able to correct your muscular imbalances.
Based on the treatment and the functional analysis, I make a tailored training program for the body to heal and strengthen.
After about 14 days, we will meet again and do function tests and adjust the training program and after 3-4 treatments including the training program, you will be problem-free and get permanent results.

Practical information

Ulrika Säljeby