Personal transformation

Do you feel stuck in monotonous habits? Feel like you want to try something new but you don’t know what it possibly could be? Or do you have a secret dream that you never revealed?
These kinds of thoughts and feelings are some examples of what we work with in the Personal Transformation process. The goal is for you to discover new ways of thinking and to stretch yourself into places you have never been. We bring positive change and energy into your life and Beena is there for you to make it happen.

How does Personal Transformation work?

During the first visit, we map out what your situation looks like and in what area in your life you would like to be transformed. Sometimes the person knows exactly what s/he wants to change and sometimes s/he doesn't have the slightest idea. Either way it is absolutely fine because Beena guides you smoothly through the whole process. A plan is devised for how you work together and how you can work on your own between the sessions.

How many visits are required?

It's impossible to say how many visits are needed to consider a treatment complete. This is because as humans, we constantly push our boundaries, encounter new situations, and react in different ways. The treatment is complete when you feel you've acquired methods to manage your situation. And as with most other problem states, it's easier to address it the earlier you start working on it.
The minimum number of sessions you can book is 3, each session lasting one hour.

Free consultation

If you are curious about personal transformation, but not sure what it really means, you can easily book a free consultation for 20 minutes. Just send an email to, saying that you want to book a consultation with Beena.

About Beena

"My aim is simply to help people to an increased sense of well-being. It doesn’t matter if you are overwhelmed and stressed out, or if you feel eager about something new to happen and want to take your present situation to a new level. I meet you exactly where you are, and together we create magic."

Beena has been a social worker since 2004 and has worked for several years in family work within social services in Malmö and Copenhagen.
Besides her Bachelor of Science in Social work, she has training as a Stress educator with a cognitive focus, training in MI (Motivational Interviewing), and in Mindfulness with a focus on stress management.
The sessions can be held in Swedish, English or Danish.
Beena Mazetti

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